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Backyard Art Show

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

In November of 2019, a quilter friend and I decided to have a backyard art show. We planned and anticipated the day. My husband and I set up our backyard for the sale making sure we had plenty of ways to display both quilts and paintings. We invited friends and family and finally, the day arrived.

I placed a sign on the front of the house to direct our guests to the backyard.

We wanted our guests to feel welcome and see our artwork in the most favorable light.

As they continued on around the yard they were able to view each art piece at their leisure.

You can browse the show just as they did by clicking on the right and left arrows on the slide show.


Both of us were able to sell some pieces and take orders for others.

Because of the lockdown for Covid-19, our 2020 plans for another show were postponed. We hope to have another show in 2021 with more friends joining us to showcase their art.

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